Powered by Fiware and with high capacities that allow a complete management of IoT solutions.
IoT platform for data visualization and analytics

Due to its modular nature and adaptable design, Sara adapts to the needs of Smart City and Industry 4.0, always guaranteeing maximum security, efficiency and scalability. In addition, the use of open and interoperable standards gives the entire system absolute flexibility when using other existing solutions.

What features and possibilities do we offer?

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To achieve a complete, secure, optimal and expandable IoT ecosystem, the use of a flexible and scalable environment with features such as the following is vital:

  • Make efficient use of resources by combining all the necessary infrastructure in a minimum number of servers and databases.
  • Ability to consume and serve data by different means (REST API, MQTT, Web Service …) as well as modalities (bounded queries, continuous data flow …)
  • Full adaptability and scalability.
  • User management and control, guaranteeing maximum security.
  • Use of free and open standards that allow maximum independence and interoperability.


Throughout the data life cycle in two large blocks:

Device security.

User security.

Business Intelligence

Analyze the collected data and go beyond simple visualization, making predictions, data correlation, etc.


It keeps a history of the activities carried out, allowing the performance of certification audits, debugging of responsibilities and security of the platform.


Customizable interface for monitoring the stored data, enabling the creation of graphs and visualizations for the representation of the data.

To make the most of all the solutions and extend the possibilities that they offer us separately, the following capabilities are necessary:

  • Integration of any solution that has the capacity to adapt to the system.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities such as visualization, predictive analytics, Data mining, data transformation, Big Data processing, etc.
  • Ability to apply integrated Business Intelligence techniques.
  • Allow the design and application of applied analytics adapted to each use case.
  • Perform aggregate data analytics, being able to relate information from several different solutions.

Historical data, a real-time storage system and auxiliary relational databases, allowing any type of data to be stored without affecting performance.

Open Data

Publication of data in a completely customizable open data portal, which achieves a comfortable, efficient and secure democratization of data.

Alert system

Advanced alert system, being able to report through different channels such as SMS, email or chat apps. Operating in conjunction with analytical capabilities, it allows complex situations to be detected and immediate notification.


The data acquisition layer is completely transparent to the manufacturer of the equipment, obtaining total independence from it, avoiding the captivity of the data.

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