VES is a comprehensive security platform that allows automatic monitoring and control in a specific organization. The platform allows the integration of different sensors and actuators, as well as the organization’s own workers, in the same model that a security expert generates for each case. Once configured, the platform monitors all the reported values in real time, takes the necessary measures and even guides workers in security processes through a mobile application.

Virtual Resources Center

The Interreg Sudoe NOVExport project aims to improve the competitiveness of European SMEs through their internationalization towards the maritime, environmental and agricultural markets of South America. To achieve this, the Virtual Resources Center platform allows different companies located in France, Portugal and Spain to share relevant information in these areas, create communities with common objectives and generate shared knowledge that allows reaching these markets quickly and efficiently.

Juaristi Marketing

This application has been designed to facilitate the work of the commercials of a company. Designed for use on tablets and mobile devices, it has all those commercial resources (presentations, technical documentation, videos, images, related documents) in an orderly manner by projects or supported by a search engine. In addition, it incorporates a security system with a strict access policy that ensures that only workers who should be able to access the information, as well as control its life.


In an environment as varied and changing as LEINN, keeping control and track of entrepreneurial teams and their talents is a complex challenge. Mondragon Team Academy solves this difficulty by offering a platform in which the different teams present themselves by creating a community in which to detect synergies, discover talent and needs that can be solved through cooperation and keep track of interesting projects for the rest of the members.


Zapatoons is a language learning platform through videos aimed at children at an early age. At first glance, the platform is presented as a portal where students learn by watching videos that their parents or teachers can choose, but inside, Zapatoons offers high-level learning tools, allowing a controlled development of multiple intelligences, thematic adaptation for children and a centralized management system that makes it possible to turn a fun activity into a powerful learning tool while maintaining a safe and appropriate environment for each child at all times.