We are a team passionate about innovative technologies. Within our technical capacity, the different specializations of each member of our team allow us to undertake projects in a Full Stack way, in a modular or complete way and always using the ideal technologies to provide an efficient and personalized digital solution for each application.


At Purple Blob we understand that technology must be a tool that facilitates reaching a specific objective. Since this objective depends entirely on each business and organization, we develop our projects in a vertical and modular way. The first allows us to offer complete solutions in which we offer the final product you are looking for, saving you the need to work with an intermediate system that does not provide you with the necessary value. The second allows us to fully adapt to you, in such a way that if you do not need a complete solution, we offer you only what you need to achieve your goals.

Gorka García


Iñigo Ruiz


Adrián Delgado

Responsible for IoT and consulting

Bingen Garate

Secretary General and Graphic Designer

Asier Oyanguren


Jone Ibarzabal