Many processes that may seem simple become real challenges in large companies. In this case, refueling vehicles in an orderly and controlled way resulted in a complex and inefficient system that used workers who add more value in other areas. By digitizing the process in a proprietary application integrated with the company’s internal systems, we manage to carry out this process in a transparent and comfortable way for all workers, notably increasing their efficiency.

Tech friendly

The digitization needs of public administrations require a multidisciplinary experience and a total understanding of the objectives and future of smart cities. Together with the Tech friendly team, we have supported different digitization projects providing knowledge of telecommunication technologies, IoT and systems architecture applied to the field of smart cities.


Positioning itself as a benchmark industrial telecommunications operator requires constant innovation and adaptation to new technologies. Together with the Sarenet team, we have developed a Kubernetes-based container manager that allows us to provide a high-quality, efficient and completely personalized service to different clients with processing and storage needs.


Being able to detect people in the mountains even in high-risk situations such as avalanches means saving lives. In this project, we developed a prototype that, through the use of spread spectrum technologies, allows us to locate mountaineers several kilometers away and locate them using GPS. The result of this project has been validated in real environments, specifically in K2 with magnificent results, allowing people to be located more than three kilometers away and tens of meters away in the case of burial.

Bikefriendly Consulting

Cycling is an incredibly valuable opportunity both to promote rural tourism and to solve mobility problems in urban settings. Current technologies allow monitoring, promoting and generating completely innovative experiences in this area, from the development of sensors applied to this type of activity, to the integration of systems such as artificial vision to improve its management, we work with Bikefriendly Consulting to create new opportunities that benefit cyclists and administrations.

Ayuntamiento de Leioa

Innovative solutions made outside of open standards and scalable systems always run the risk of going out of date. In this case, the City Council of Leioa has counted on us to assess the status of an IoT vertical implemented in the municipality that did not meet its needs, seek appropriate solutions and, finally, draft different specifications of technical prescriptions that allow technology companies solve this problem.

Bilbao Ekintza

To support Bilbao Ekintza’s digital entrepreneurship program, we have tutored different teams and projects in their digitization process and, specifically, guiding the use of IoT and Big Data technologies applied to specific and innovative objectives. In addition, work has been carried out to transfer knowledge of these same technologies to the Bilbao Ekintza team, thus allowing better advice on their part towards innovative companies that require help in these areas.